Artistic Rubber Base - Cover Beige Gel

Artistic Rubber Base - Cover Beige Gel


This new, multi-tasking, LED-cured formula is an all-in-one gel that can be used to extend, overlay, build, and even encapsulate nail art!

What You’ll Love About Artistic Brush-On Builder Gel:

  • Unique Self-Leveling Formula For No Sidewall Flooding
  • Over 21+ Days Of Wear
  • Special Brush Length For Maximum Control
  • Crystal Clear & Bubble-Free
  • Soak-Off Removal
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Our new BRUSH-ON BUILDER GEL does it all. With Artistic Brush-On Builder you can skip multiple gel and acrylic products, pots, special brushes, and long cure times. Unique cruelty-free, vegan and 15-Free formula with extra strength, so that you can brush on bolder length and take your natural nail overlays to the next level! With a 30-second LED cure, our self-leveling formula provides perfect control for faster applications and less filing. Clients will love the lightweight, life-proof length and strength plus weeks of dazzling wear


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