Welcome to Miss Bliss Nails & Beauty Ltd. We are proud distributors of Artistic Nail Design, Famous Names, Salt of the Earth, and our very own range of Coffee Scrubs and Lip Balms. We value our customers and aim to give the highest of service in recognistion of that. 

Education is another core part of our business and we run many classes throughout the year in the South Island. Currently we have two Internationally trained Educators who take great pride in what they deliver in their classes.

Artistic Colour Gloss

Train with Us

Nail Art Class's

We have many nail art classes  which are hugely popular. You learn LOADS and have FUN while doing so.

Putty PolyGel Class's

It's never been easier to learn how to extend nails. Putty PolyGel is truly a game changer.

Gel Polish Beginners Class's

Start your nail journey with us by joining our popular Gel Beginners class.