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Posted on March 07 2022

There has been a little concern from a few people about my latest 'IT's NOT OK' posts. That's absolutely fine because there should be concern!

Anyone that knows me will very well know I don't tear people down or slander opposition even when some probably deserve it.... The stories I could tell from over the years, WOW! But I haven't, I have kept quiet and just focused on my own passion for what I am doing with Miss Bliss.

Over the years not just in NZ, more and more companies are taking on 'educators' and it's not necessarily the 'educators' fault that they don't get the training they should be. Because once they have been asked they are so humbled and proud to be asked to do the next step in their career. I know this because this was me some years ago! I was asked when I was so fresh out of training and I declined at first because I knew I didn't have what was needed. Eventually I accepted and I won't go into my experience because I don't want to badmouth anyone but it was a couple of companies later that I because an educator for a brand that actually made me work for that TITLE. Man was the comparison eye opening for me and that is why I care and I want educators to know they need to be made to feel confident in what they are teaching, to have all the knowledge needed to answer questions and to be shown the CORRECT/SAFE what of how to teach what ever nail class they are teaching. Also to have support and backing.

As a result, not just of this but also the fact that anyone can buy a nail kit and start doing their own or others nails we are seeing a lot more adverse skin reactions, damage, nail techs fail in business and so on and that's not ok.

If you do a nail course with someone you expect to be given all the training and information needed to learn your new skill, be supported and be successful, not to mention professional only quality products. But it's also down IF YOU are willing to put in the practice and hard work because its not all down to blaming an educator/company either. Like I said, that educator may not have been given what they need to educate you.

I just want to make it really clear that anything that I have posted has been told or messaged to me by people concerned about what is being done to their nails by techs, what they are being taught by educators or even other distributors worried about our industry. It is NOT because I want to tear anyone down or slander any business. I honestly haven't even spent the time to look up the names I was given online because 1. I don't have time and 2. I don't want to. I just want to educate that 'It's NOT ok'. 

I have fixed enough people nails and retrained enough students from other companies that I have merely just had enough and am so concerned that I am simply trying to educate YOU!

From an educator point of view. If you see one of your students struggling and producing work that you are worried about. That reflects back on YOU. Why not reach out to that poor student who is obviously struggling and see if you can help perfect, retrain or upskill then. They invested in YOU! You got their sale.

I am not the best at everything and will never claim to be, I will just forever do my bit to help others, look after my clients, educate and support my students and supply many companies around NZ whom I am so grateful for because I love what I do and I am passionate so I want to keep doing what I am doing and will.

Online bullying is something personally have experienced over the years and from some of the biggest players in the game at the time whom are no long around my add. 

We all know there are enough clients for everyone. Especially once you are at capacity, wouldn't that feel great to recommend another nail tech in your town and hey, share your passion with them!

I am happy to chat to anyone about this should you have an questions or concerns.

If you are in one of these boats, don't be afraid to reach out.

As many of my own students know I am a terrible sales woman but it's again because I care, I want to see everyone succeed and its my passion. You will never be a quick sale with me. 

I will continue to do what I do but please understand the above. It's from a good place, a place of passion for my industry that is getting rather dangerous and untidy.

Stay safe and well

Mel x

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