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Posted on July 04 2018

Annah Stretton 

Last year a friend of mine gave me Annah Stretton's book 'Wise Heart'. I love to read but with such a busy schedule i just don't seem to make enough time to do it. However as soon as I am on holiday it's something I do a lot of and get through many books. Annah's book was great, she has a really neat sense of humor and some incredibly good advice.

Women like her are such an inspiration to me and I love to learn more about them especially by their books because I know from every book I take on new advice and better myself, my business and my life.

Just recently Annah held an evening at my old college and I went along with my girlfriend. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Annah talk about her path and and her new project RAW. While listening to her I could just feel myself being injected with new inspiration.

I think it's really important to have mentors and to learn from one another. I was really excited to chat with her after the event but my first question asked was 'Do you still eat a piece of chocolate every morning?' Something that surprised me from the book when talking about her routine and god knows why but it was the first she does. ;) Something else she does is rise at 4.30am every morning. She says she gets so much more done early in the morning and if she went to bed later she would just waste the hours watching TV. This is definately something to consider.

I strongly recommend this book, its an easy read and you will certainly take something positive from it.

Mel xx

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