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Posted on June 28 2015

(That's me on the far left)
As many of you know I've just attended the Rock Hard World Tour again and also educator training on the Gold Coast, Australia with Artistic Nail Design and SwitchFunky Australasia. I have decided to write a blog about it because I have way too much to say for a standard Facebook post and I really want to share it with you.
I really wasn't sure what to expect, but one thing I did know was whatever it was it would be fun, hard and professional and damn! I was right. I was like a kid in a candy shop, my excitement levels hit an all time high, this is exactly what I am meant to be doing and I could feel it in my bones. Just look at my goofy face walking in on the first day.
(Told ya, like a kid in a candy store)
I arrived on Sunday 8th June and managed to attend the second day of 'The Rock Hard World Tour' which I also attended in Auckland last November so that worked out really well. I was sharing an apartment on the 22nd floor with three really cool ladies and we all got on SO well, it was so much fun, it was like boarding school all over again for me, lot's of laughs and giggles. 
(Me, up HIGH - Penny and Moana (Auckland) - Brett (Adelaide) and I)
As an apartment family we studied hard together in the evenings while soaking off our nails from the day so we would be fresh and ready for the next. We quizzed each other over breakfast in the mornings, sometimes my answers included some Special K, OOPS (Mum did tell me growing up not to talk with my mouth full). Most of all we supported each other and encouraged each other which is what makes a strong team. That is what we are!
Our days were long but they felt like they were fast, time really does fly when you're having fun.. 
We covered more than I imagined and learnt so much. On the first day I nearly cried, listening to the head educators talk with so much passion was incredible. I felt the same passion and so did everybody in that room, it was very infectious and very motivating. I have used Artistic and loved it for a long time and so being in one of those educator seats was very, VERY humbling. I'm pretty sure I even paid more attention in that week and studied harder than when I was at school. (Sorry Mum) 
(That's me, just doing some nails and on the right sitting my written exam)
We had written exams, practical exams, quizzes and oral presentations (quiver) to do that week as well as learning and perfecting skills, it was FULL ON. Usually I would be a worried mess, stressing and working myself into a huge ball of anxiety but this trip really showed me how much I have changed as a person and how strong I have become. I was calm, really really calm and so EXCITED, Did I tell you how excited I was? YIP those who know me well will be saying 'Yeah Right' but seriously it is something that I have been paying attention to for a while now and that is I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be, or is that I am happy with who I have become? I don't care which I am just so happy with what I have achieved and who I am and being an educator takes that to the next level because I see students blossom and grow themselves and that also feels incredible.
(Some of my work)
Something I was particularly impressed with was that SwitchFunky (Pete & Lucy) flew Dafne Fernández in from Mexico who along with our Education Service Manager Kylie Clare ran the week. As a company they put so much time and effort into us. Not only that BUT Alisha Rimando the Executive VP & Creative Director for Artistic Nail Design came all the way from Texas to spend time with us and help us also. WOW.... Those three ladies are the tiniest, talented, funniest and most supportive ladies. They made it all look so easy and effortless it was amazing to watch. 
(Tiny Dafne, Tiny Kylie and that's the tiny 'BIG BOSS' Alisha helping Alana a fellow educator from QLD)
On our final day we had our practical which I should have been worried about and I guess I was a little but I went in with the 'I will do the best I can attitude'. Every time we were partnered up, it was with someone different. This time we had to pull a piece of paper out of the glass and on it was an animal... We then had to act like that animal and find the other one in that room. I'm not going to lie, I was horrified because I got a blinking Monkey didn't I... It was utterly hilarious and I could hear my partner before I could see her. Once I saw who I had I felt my whole body freeze, I was partnered up with 'Vanessa Zuj' an award winning artist who had just taken out GRAND CHAMPION at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo. NO PRESSURE AYE, she just builds dragons on nails!!!! But do you know what, I was the lucky one because she taught me SO much and supported me and I was really happy with what I presented, with my scores and I finished which was the main goal.
(V's dragon and all her medals plus Grand Champ trophy)
I would also like to add that Vanessa took out highest practical score for our awards ceremony. So I was super proud to be wearing THOSE nails and let's not beat around the bush here, she had a pretty AWESOME model *wink*
(That's V and that's me the 'Awesome Model')
This is us at the end of the week. 'STILL SMILING'
We finished up and spruced up to attend our Dinner/Awards night which was the best way to finish such a great week. I won't lie by this point I was feeling a bit tired from the long days training followed by late nights studying but there was no time for that. There was more fun to be had and I was SO THERE. We enjoyed a beautiful meal and received our Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates. There was also other awards for top scores and Moana our birthday girl was treated to a nice piece of cake which was delicious. I know this because I just so happened to be sitting next to the birthday girl hehe.
(Kylie, Dafne, ME, Alisha, Lucy)
The 'KIWIS' (Moana, ME, Brooke and Penny)
I just want to keep saying how much I enjoyed and benefited from this week but that would make for a very long blog so I'll stop :) But seriously if you are reading this and are a nail tech who dreams of educating, I highly recommend you follow that dream, drop me a line if you want to chat, or talk to another educator as I am sure they would be more than happy to chat. 
I followed my heart and my gut to get to this point and I had some ups and downs along the way but I like to think I take the good from those situations and learn so that makes a better ME.
Follow your heart 
MB xx
(The cool venue where we had dinner was like 'Alice in Wonderland'
(We had pizza 'TWICE' and I met this cool guy in the elevator)

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