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Posted on April 20 2015

Years ago (possible 6 or 7) when I was sitting in my office at Humes Pipelines loading another Subdivision job, my colleague sent me a link because she knew that I would be interested. It was SwitchFunky's website and I remember being WOWED, I had always loved nails and this was like a nail heaven.

Back then I never dreamed I would be part of them one day so I've certainly had to pinch myself a few times lately. I AM ,MY face and MY name is above and that blurb is about ME. OMFG WOW!!!!

I can't believe what has happened in the past 5 years. Well I know how hard I've worked but I only dreamed of all of this. People you seriously need to follow your dreams, you'll have ups and downs and some things work out well and some things don't but whatever happens you do nothing but grow from the experience and if your lucky like me you can pass that experience on to others entering the industry on the same path.

I have used a few brands and educated for a couple of other companies which are also great companies with people just as passionate but unfortunately for one reason or another, it wasn't for me. If you know me then you know just how much of a fuss pot I am and I need things to feel right and be right. Well this is right. I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to teach with Artistic which I have had such great success using and feel so confident using.

I was actually at a real low point a few months ago, I had given up educating for a company with great people because the products just weren't for me and I felt rotten for letting them down. I also lost a client/student/friend to cancer and I just felt lost and like I had let everyone down. (I'm way to hard on myself, something I need to work on)

I do truly believe you need to believe in what you are doing or nobody will believe you. So when I went to the Gold Coast a couple of months ago I was most certainly heading into SwitchFunky for a shopping spree and to finally meet the team I had dealt with when purchasing product for the salon and looked up to like I do many people in this industry. Long story short, I ended up spending the day with the team, doing the boss's nails and of course having a splurge. 

Next Chapter - I am now an educator for the brand I love and I flew to Auckland the following month to attend the Rock Hard World Tour where I meet some more incredible Artistic Educators who did nothing but inspire me.

Que some cheesy song lyrics - "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"

But seriously, do what feel good, do what feels right and most importantly do what you believe in. 




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