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Posted on April 20 2015

This blog is purely selfish to help me say goodbye to Ness who had a huge impact on me. 

Today I attended a funeral or as I prefer to call it a ‘Celebration of her life’. 50 weeks ago I did these nails for a lady named Ness Kaye. She had been to another nail salon had a bad experience so I was lucky enough she found me. Ness absolutely blew me away with her story 'not her nail story, HER story'. Ness fought off breast cancer and she did what I utterly admire and that's gave back and made that awful stage in her life a positive by helping others.

Ness was equally inspired by me, which to this day I find hard to understand but I'm incredibly grateful I had that impact on her and set her off on her journey into the nail world. Ness didn't do things by halves and anyone who knew her knows that.  She started off taking a 'soak off for beginners class' followed by a 'nail art class', one on one pedicure training (also my only ever pedicure class because I'm NOT a foot person) and finally an acrylic beginners class. Needless to say we spent a lot of time together and also lived around the corner from each other.  

Ness showed so much dedication, motivation and enthusiasm to all the classes, so much so that it made me want to learn MORE because her questions were always so good. She became very well known in our little NZ nail world, sometimes I'd cringe at her posts on forums but she was right, she had facts, she had the passion and well, she had the balls to say what others wanted too!

I'll never forget how much Ness hated french acrylics in training. She was adamant she'd never use them and only wanted to learn and know pink.  But I knew as an educator you have to keep the rules equal for everyone so I told her I'd help her until she got it and once she was qualified she was welcome to never use the skill again. Ness you would have passed, I am so sure of that. 

Ness was really proud of my volunteer work at The Ronald McDonald House. I had agreed with her that I would volunteer for Shocking Pink and The Sanctuary on Papanui, so I'm devastated I never got the chance to do nails alongside her there but I will carry out that promise to her.

Ness was taken from us far to soon and I just wish I could have said goodbye and given her the hard earned and well deserved certificate. She loved certificates,  i'll never forget how excited she was when she learnt the pedicure class came with two. Oh she had a goofy side and I loved that.

Today I learnt more about how much of an amazing, giving person she was and I was so proud that her being a nail tech was mentioned. She would have been so successful with her nail work. Ness’ Elmo nail’s were shown and that made me feel proud because they were a dare from me because she was being cheeky at the time. She did a great job and her sons loved them. 

Ness, I wore your shocking pink colours with pride today. You touched my soul and I never knew how much until you were taken. Thank you for the fun times, the silly times and just the times. I'll treasure them all. Rest in peace you beautiful, giving, kind, funny, infectious lady.

Here is your certificate, I  sure you would have made me talk to Kat and we would have agreed to qualify you in pink only, but I know you had it in you to nail it.  Congratulations my lovely.

Ill miss you

Mel xx


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