Natalie Shrimpton - Canterbury


Highly experienced and qualified nail tech Natalie Shrimpton comes to us with a  wealth of knowledge and passion.
Natalie is award winning in New Zealand offering only the highest quality products and exceptional services.
Natalie has had an immense amount of education behind as she was always searching for good education but was frustrated that she couldn't find it for a long time. This goes off the back of what we always encourage and that is to research who and who you are training with to make sure you are getting nothing but the best.
Natalie has traveled to America and experience what many other have not including a tour of nail manufacturers factory and intense training and testing while there.
Natalie has trained with the team and I in 2021 in Gel ON Xtension and has had further guidance from Mel along the way. Not that she needs it at all, Mel is just very particular all Blissbabes have the Miss Bliss style ;)
We are thrilled to have Natalie join our family and even more excited for the lucky students that will have her guide them on their new nail journeys.


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