Gabriel Maxwell

Gabriel qualified as a Nail Technician in early 2014. She completed Trinity Guru training and participated in the International Guru training in Malaysia in 2016.
Gabriel joined Mel in June 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia and went on to qualify as an Artistic Educator at educator training. Once home she spent time with Mel teaching classes and went on to have her first successful year teaching with us while Mel stepped back taking maternity leave.

Specialising in custom nail art, she likes to use multiple styles and techniques to create hand painted and 3D art that is easily wearable for her clients.

Gabriel has had input into new classes that we have launched and they have been very successful. I love utilising Gabriel's AMAZING talent and I love even more so the incredible feedback I get from her students.

Gabriel took a short break as moved to Wanaka but now remains one of our team as an educator for Queenstown/Wanaka regions. I am so grateful to have back such a valuable part of the family.


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