Mel Harrop aka Miss Bliss

In my time as a Nail Technician and Educator I have used a few brands but one that always stood out to me and I just LOVED using was Artistic Nail Design, so I am immensely proud to bring this to the South Island for you to train with.

Getting the right education is critical along with ongoing training and support to become a good nail technician. The use of top quality products can make a huge difference between a good and a great set of nails.

I have loved Artistic from the moment I started using it, I have had so much success with it. To me its the crème de la crème.

I offer ongoing support with my training which is done by follow up communication and the chance to join a private Miss Bliss Education support group on Facebook where I often chat and answer questions in. You also get first access to all NEW products and training dates. Many of past students stay in touch and use my support. I love seeing new students start this amazing new journey.

Gabriel Maxwell 

Gabriel started studying nails in 2013 and qualified through NZNA in early 2014. She completed Trinity Guru training and participated in the International Guru training in Malaysia in 2016.

Specialising in custom nail art, she likes to use multiple styles and techniques to create hand painted and 3D art that is easily wearable for her clients.

Gabriel currently owns Middle Finger Nail Artistry in Christchurch working along side MAX beauty in Halswell, and now educating at Miss Bliss.

Gabriel is the perfect addition to Miss Bliss and we both look forward to bringing you new Nail art Classes utilising Gabriel's AMAZING talent.