Salt of the Earth - Modern Apothecary Wood Box Set - Plum Spice

Salt of the Earth - Modern Apothecary Wood Box Set - Plum Spice

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Modern Apothecary Wood Box Set
Introducing a modern take on the classic, homeopathic apothecary treatments. After all, that’s what Salt of the Earth has always been about anyway-- the power of pure, natural ingredients, straight from the earth to create the most luxurious bath and body products out there. We’re bringing it back to the days of the apothecary with our gorgeous, old school apothecary-inspired jars--each refillable to support our global true recycling initiative--and nothing but the purest ingredients mother nature can offer, including our signature 72 trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake, rich shea butter, pure salt, sugar, and nature’s elixir...grapeseed oil.

1 pack / includes 4 - 6oz/177ml jars (Mineral Mud, Creamy Scrub, Mineral Salt, Mineral Cream)
Product Usage: For 12 pedicures or 24 manicures usage.

Description: Custom wood presentation box to hold and display 4 jars during manicure and pedicure service also great for retail sale. 

Directions for Use: Slide out front plastic display piece, remove jars, turn box and place jars on top of box.


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